Yakima HoldUp- PinkBike

Yakima’s HoldUp rack combines ratcheting arms that clamp down on the front tire and small pivoting rear wheel trays that hold the bike’s rear end in place. The U-shaped front wheel clamps can be slid up and down the arms, allowing the rack to easily deal with anything from 20″ to 29″ wheels, while flexible plastic straps at opposite end are long enough to be laid over even the tallest of rims and be ratcheted down tight. In an effort to keep the bikes from tangling with each other, Yakima has allowed both main spars to be adjusted in position from side to side relative to each other, and security comes via built-in cable locks that can be extended out of the end of the arms. The entire unit can be easily folded up when not in use by retracting a spring loaded pin, or tilted down to allow access to a hatchback. Want to carry more than two bikes? The red end cap/bottle opener can be removed from the central arm and an extension slid in that allows you to carry four bikes in total. The HoldUp is available to fit either 1 1/4” or 2” receivers, with both retailing for $499 USD, and the HoldUp +2 extension (only available for the 2” model) goes for another $329 USD.

The HoldUp is easy to use and shouldn't ever lose a bike.
The HoldUp is easy to use and shouldn’t ever lose a bike.

Pinkbike’s Take:

bigquotes The HoldUp rack proved to be super simple to use, with bikes being able to be loaded and unloaded in only a few seconds without any hassle, and the sliding bases making it easy to adjust out any bike on bike contact that might otherwise happen. The rack’s ratcheting front wheel holder also doesn’t touch the fork legs of any bikes we carried, meaning that it won’t leave behind any unsightly scuff marks from repeated use. More importantly, the design does a good job of holding your pride and joy in place regardless of how rough the road is. At over 60lbs the HoldUp isn’t overly light, but it’s easy enough to fold up with a single hand after the spring loaded pin has been retracted. Adding the two-bike extension when you want to carry four rigs obviously makes this a more difficult job, although that’s to be expected given the additional weight… the rack refuses to lose a bike, and every piece of threaded hardware is as tight as it was when new. – Mike Levy