Got A QUIK Minute? The GoPro Challenge Everyone Has Time For


What can you do in a minute? With the GoPro Quik App, you can do a whole heck of a lot. In just a few short moments, you can create an entertaining, immersive edit from all of the footage you have captured with your GoPro. And it can earn you a GoPro Award…which is cash money…$5K to be exact.

For our CEO and Founder, Nick Woodman, the training wheels came off on a recent weekend with his boys. He swiftly tossed his footage into his Quik App, and viola! Check out Nick’s Quik masterpiece below.


But it doesn’t matter if it’s video of the kids, surfing big waves, or just a walk in the park with your pet; it’s all about how you piece together your favorite moments to tell your Quik story in a minute or less. So, let’s see what you got!

To recap: Submit a 60-second video made on Quik for Desktop or Quik for Mobile for a chance to earn Awards, money, fame, fortune, and probably a celebrity love connection.

Enter the Quik Minute Awards Challenge
and tag your submission with #AQuikMinute

If you are a GoPro Retailer contact us at to get the specifics of the GoPro Quik challenge for GoPro retailers.

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