Dometic Ambassador – Jake Quiñones

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Being an adventure tourism guide wasn’t on the list of things Jake Quiñones was considering when he was choosing a career. But he decided to follow his passion and started New Mexico Backroads, one of the premier overland-touring companies in the American Southwest.

“When I was getting started, my friends were just a bunch of rock crawlers,” says Jake. Now, he’s an expert in the rocky deserts of New Mexico, leading large groups across challenging terrain. Each of his clients gets a 40-page manual to help them “quickly” learn the ropes. Jake prioritizes experience, training and guidance with the goal of enabling his clients to eventually plan and execute their own overlanding trips.

“Starting out, I just gave my services away,” says Jake. “I wasn’t even covering expenses. Lucky for me, I started making more right moves than mistakes.” Jake became an expert in the permitting process for access to state and national lands, while also using his long standing contacts with local officials to ensure his clients are safe while off the beaten path. Jake deploys a deep knowledge of the landscape and lifetime of experience on the trail to quickly teach his clients what to do when they’re far from help.


One of the biggest game changers for Jake was switching to a Dometic CFX 40W. “In terms of comfort and helping me work effectively, that fridge is the most important thing on my rig,” says Jake. “It changed everything… I was able to double my trip time and increase the storage capacity of my Jeep – it was a giant leap forward.” He pities the people who are stuck with an ordinary ice cooler: “Ice is their Achilles heel. You’re constantly worried about it. Rough roads, all that ice sloshing – it just destroys your food.”

For a trail guide who depends on a powered cooler to feed his clients, the Dometic CFX 40W offers the durability and reliability Jake needs. “It sounds like a luxury,” he says, “but once you have it, you’re never going back. Supporting a crew of eight for four days – without this fridge, I couldn’t do it.” His CFX allows Jake to make one of his favorite dishes, an authentic New Mexican steak and green chili dish that makes the end of the trail feel like a four-star restaurant.


“Anyone who doesn’t have one of these powered coolers has to be leaning toward one,” says Jake. It’s even allowed him to take longer personal trips, exploring new trails for his clients, and roads he’s never been on. “That’s the real joy of it, you know,” he says. “This isn’t just my job, it’s what I love to do. Every two months, I throw my bike and my favorite chair in the back, and just get lost. It’s awesome. It recharges me and makes all of my client trips feel fresher.”


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Andy Best – Dometic CFX-40

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For most people, the idea of bringing your seven-month-old daughter on a three-day overlanding trip through the remote Utah desert would be unthinkable. For photographer Andy Best, it’s just another Friday.

“Our daughter is amazing,” says Andy. “We’re lucky. We’ve been able to travel since she was three days old. It’s amazing for me to be able to take our daughter to these places and really see them through her eyes.”

After seven years working in commercial filmmaking, Andy decided he and his wife would sell everything and live full time on the road. During that time, he learned about what gear was essential to live mobile; what consistently worked, and what didn’t. But over all that time, going through all that gear, Andy never got around to installing what he now considers an essential part of his rig: a Dometic CFX 40.


“On the road, I have to be efficient to function,” says Andy. “When I lived out of an ice cooler, I’d always lose food because the ice would melt. I can’t tell you the amount of food I’ve ruined in coolers – from running out of ice or getting things soggy and wet. It’s crazy.” The Dometic CFX has helped Andy do more than he ever imagined.

“As an outdoor filmmaker and photographer, I really need to stay out for long periods of time, to study, look at angles, look at the sun, or see when the moon is rising. If I don’t have the right gear I can’t stay out and get the work done. The Dometic CFX has been a huge game-changer for me.”


Staying out longer helps Andy professionally – but most importantly, it helps his family stay together while he’s working. “When you’re living out of an ice cooler in the desert, it really limits the food you can bring,” says Andy. “One of our favorite things now is to make a big meal and save the leftovers. Then we can move fast, get lost and work for a few days, and have the leftovers whenever we want. That feels like cheating, it’s so easy.”

“With the right gear, you can be out a long time, even with a young child,” says Andy. “I’m hoping that these trips build a foundation where she wants to come out and enjoy these places and maybe someday, pass that forward to her own family… Someday. Not soon.”


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Dometic – Portable Refrigeration



Specifically designed to fit all kinds of vehicles, the CFX Series is a range of compact portable compressor fridges and/or freezers to keep food and drinks well chilled or even frozen while out on the road. The range includes a variety of models including an ultra-compact cooler and one with two separate temperature zones for simultaneous cooling and freezing.


The hi-tech Dometic CFX Series refrigerator/freezers refrigerate or deep-freeze food down to -7°F without the need for ice. The CFX Series models are also fitted with heavy duty features like reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges, and a robust lining to perform in the most extreme conditions.


The Dometic CoolFreeze CFX has some seriously impressive features. Firstly, there’s the CFX Special Electronics which include an intelligent automatic turbo cooler and memory function. Then not only is it suitable for deep freezing down to –22 °C but it can also operate on solar power. Plus, regardless of the outside temperature, this cooler will provide a first class, superbly quiet cooling performance. You can take this amazing cooler and freezer wherever you go! Fitted with heavy-duty details like reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a robust lid lining, the hi tech coolers in the CFX series can withstand the most demanding of loads. The CFX 35W to CFX 100W models give you the convenient option of controlling and monitoring the cooling temperature by WiFi app.


Compressor cooling technology, used in Dometic’s CFX series, offers unrivaled cooling power. But how does it work? Well, it relies on a refrigerant that changes from a liquid to gaseous state in the evaporator. The evaporation process extracts heat from the interior of the cooling unit, causing the temperature to drop. The compressor draws in the refrigerant, compresses it and passes it on to the condenser. From here, the absorbed heat is released into the atmosphere. The refrigerant liquefies and flows back to the evaporator, where the cycle begins again. The result of this is an excellent cooling performance, capable of deep-freezing, even at extreme ambient temperatures.


When the weather’s hot and you’re in a remote location, a reliable cooler is almost as important as a reliable vehicle. That’s why we stress-tested our CFX-series coolers in the western desert of Australia, where daytime temperatures often reach 40°C (104°F.) After three months of operation in one of the most inhospitable climates on earth, we can tell you our products never lost their cool. In fact, not only can these coolers withstand the heat of the sun, they’re ideal for running on solar power – thanks to superb fuel-efficiency. Since the launch, we have sold millions of units.