New Yakima Strap Racks available now!

The new Yakima KingJoe Pro and SuperJoe Pro have begun shipping to retailers.

King Joe Pro:

With uncompromised style and performance, plus bomber steel construction, foldable arms, and excellent vehicle protection, the KINGJOE PRO is a king among kings. And by “kings” we mean “truck carriers.”

SuperJoe Pro:

If your wallet’s in danger, the SUPERJOE PRO will come to the rescue. It’s got everything you need from a heroic trunk mount, like easy operation, durable steel construction and a snazzy new look, at a price that won’t have you crying out for help.  If storage is a must, the SUPERJOE PRO’s arms are not foldable as the KINGJOE PRO’s are – you might want to bow to the KING if this is the case.

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