SEMA 2018: Popular Mechanics Editors’ Choice Awards – Yakima & Dometic

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Car culture is thriving with innovative new products for the pro and weekend mechanic.

Once you get past the smell of burning rubber and the sound of 800-hp Mustangs doing donuts in the parking lot outside the Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) show, you’ll find more than 2,400 exhibitors showcasing the newest add-ons for cars and trucks. Here are ten of our favorite new products we spotted at SEMA 2018. (Note from PRW: click here to see the other 8)

Dometic PLB40 Portable Battery


Want to go camping without really roughing it? The Dometic PLB40 provides clean 12V power to your portable fridge, and unlike the 12V plug in your vehicle, the Dometic will protect you from pesky power drops.

The PLB40 uses a lithium-iron phosphate battery (known as LiFeP04), which comes at a premium but makes the unit lightweight and compact and provides more stable power. With this power source you can keep your CFX or new CFF fridge running all weekend. Available January 2019.

Yakima OutPost HD Truck Rack


Vehicle rack-maker Yakima is going after overland adventurers with a slew of new products to help travelers haul rooftop tents and off-road accessories. The OutPost HD truck rack provides a low center of gravity, easy accessibility to gear, and an ideal platform for a rooftop tent. Available in spring 2019 for $500.

More from Yakima on the OutPost HD

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Outside Buyers Guide Winter 2018 – Bridgedale

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Mens_TRAIL  SPORT_Lightweight_T2_Merino_Cool_Comfort_34_Crew_710  180_843_BlackGreen_1.jpg


Where less becomes more. Less weight, more distance. Less shock transmission, more comfort. The Trail Sport Lightweight T2 Merino Cool keeps your feet cool while also offering enhanced foot bed, shin and ankle comfort.

Merino Cool Fusion Technology provides resilient padding, odor control, moisture wicking and outstanding durability for all day comfort.… The Performance Fit is close and supportive and won’t slip down or bunch in your footwear. The Flat Toe Seam minimizes bulk that could cause irritation in the toe box and the sock is kept securely in place with an Elasticated Arch and 3D-shaped heel cup. Built on a structure of Lycra® and set by our Thermo Fit process ensures the sock returns to its original shape and size after every wash.This sock is perfect for those that travel far and travel light.

SCOTT SPORTS – Winter is Coming

See Flory Kern put SCOTT gear to the test.

Outside Magazine: The Best Packs of 2019 – SCOTT Backcountry Patrol AP 30

From Outside by Ryan Stuart

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.41.12 PM.png

Scott Backcountry Patrol AP 30 ($1,100)

Best Airbag-Equipped Pack of 2019

Airbag packs come in two varieties: those inflated by air canister, and those inflated by battery-powered fan. Air canisters need to be refilled after every discharge, usually at a dive shop, while the lithium-ion batteries in fan-inflated packs can struggle to hold a charge in frigid temperatures. Here’s where the Backcountry Patrol rises above the fray: its airbag system uses a fan powered by a supercapacitor battery, which discharges faster and refuses to slack off in icy conditions. Scott promises only a single inflation on a charge, but we were able to get two. As for the pack itself, the Backcountry Patrol’s main sleeve, avalanche-tool compartment, and lid pocket easily accommodated a day’s gear. Overall, it blends the ease of use of a battery-powered pack with the reliability of a canister system. If you’re an avy-bag holdout, it’s time to invest. 5.9 lbs


GoPro HyperSmooth

Shaky Footage is dead!! Check out the GoPro #HyperSmooth series:

So, you think you can dance with stars Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert? Well now you can with HyperSmooth, the best in-camera stabilization, ever.


Dan Atherton shows off what the HERO7 Black can do by making this rocky trail in Wales look like a smooth downhill ride to start your week.


Strap into Johnny FPV’s race drone as he rips a mind-bending follow cam of driver Matt Coffman at Formula Drift St. Louis.

All shot 100% on the GoPro HERO7 Black using HyperSmooth.

Outside Inside: Two Family Friendly Games For You

From Practical Travel Gear by Leah Guill

We love being outside as a family and exploring. But sometimes building a sandcastle for the millionth time just doesn’t keep anyone’s attention. Outside Inside from GSI Outdoors is always coming with us. On our latest trip, we took along the small and simple Backpack Shut The Box and the Freestyle Chicken Disk Battle.

Backpack Shut the Box

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Backpack Shut the Box is a simple and fun game that everyone can get in on. The Outside Inside game is packaged in a rip stop and black netting carry pouch. The BackPack Shut the Box contains two dice, the paddles and instructions.


The game board and paddles are made from wood. The paddles flip up and are attached so you cannot lose them. Which we would, given the chance. The dice are plastic and are small enough for everyone to handle. The carry bag has a loop from the purse string closure that can easily be used as an attachment point for your backpack.

OIG_logo_Pantone167C_revised_a4eace6a-6638-466c-a097-3281826b6da1_360xThe Shut the Box game is easy to play so it is great for the whole family to enjoy. We did change a couple rules for our 5-year-old to make it a little easier for him. Each game takes about 5-15 minutes to play, depending on the players and their dice rolling ability.

I love this game for the fact that it is incredibly light weight, easy to clean with a simple wipe down and is great for hiking, camping, swim meets, airplanes and even to play in a restaurant while we are waiting for our food.

The Backpack Shut The Box retails for $15.95.


Freestyle Chicken Disk Battle

What a fun game! The Freestyle Chicken Disk Battle is a little bigger at 18×11 inches.


There is so much fun to be had with the Freestyle Chicken Disk Battle game! Included in the bag are 2 telescopic poles, 2 squeaky chickens, 1 disc, carry bag.

The set-up is quick and easy. It took maybe a total of 2 minutes and that was with help from the kids. The disc is substantial enough that everyone could throw it.  We played this game from lunch through dinner one night.

IMG_0662-e1538561604282-338x450At one point, the kids decided that every hit of the opponent’s chicken meant their stand had to be moved back a space. This made for some hilarious attempts when the chickens were about 20 feet from each other.

Our dog was also obsessed with this game because it involved a flying disc and squeaking toys. At one point, he intercepted the disc and took off with it. Thankfully, he didn’t put any teeth marks in it. You have been warned about the K9 attractiveness of the Freestyle Chicken Disk Battle.


The whole Freestyle Chicken Disk Battle game in its carry bag weighs in at about 2 pounds and is large enough that you should use it for car camping, park and backyard play. It would be awesome to take to a festival and make new friends through a friendly competition.

Freestyle Chicken Disk Battle retails for $52.95.

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SCOTT Patrol AP30 Avalanche Backpack

2674494656_240742_png_zoom_15PATROL E1 AVALANCHE BACKPACK

The SCOTT E1 Patrol AP 30 is the ultimate freeskiing avalanche backpack pushing the boundaries of innovation. Its supercapacitor technology, along with exceptional design results in one of the lightest electronical airbag backpacks on the market to date.AlprideE1_Logo_BAGS_negative_orange



Cold temperatures do not affect the performance or charge of the supercapacitor


More pressure and volume in a shorter amount of time


-720g lighter than any other electronical system on the market
-1390g Backpack Weight


Train at home to make sure you know how to react on a bad day



Robust design to mitigate  electronic failure


No restrictions for traveling and shipping


Recharge on the mountain in 40min. without power supply or use your Micro USB to charge it in 20min.


For 3 month without checking it and activate the airbag twice without reloading any cartridges


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