Single Track Review: CamelBak KUDU Protector 20 Backpack

The following is a review by James Vincent from

Redesigned for 2018, the new KUDU range from CamelBak combines a back protector and a hydration backpack all in one. We gave the big 20L version to our main man in the Lake District, James Vincent, to put to the test during some big days out on some of the steepest, rockiest and gnarliest terrain he could find in Cumbria. 

First spotted at PressCamp earlier this year, the Camelbak KUDU 20 sits at the top of Camelbak’s extensive range of cycling specific packs, in both size (20L) and spec (lots of bells, one whistle). While there are other packs in the range of a similar size, the KUDU series feature integrated back protection, and for 2018, has been simplified to just a 10L and 20L model (that’s water capacity + storage), with several key features of the packs getting a bit of an overhaul at the same time.

The KUDU is all-new for 2018. James however, is not.

The CE-certified Impact Protector slides into a sleeve to sit close to your back.

As the bigger of the two packs, the KUDU 20 is most definitely on the larger end of the scale for cycling packs, with numerous straps and expanding pouches covering the surface of the pack, along with the obligatory rain cover buried at the bottom. Unloaded, CamelBak claims the pack weighs a not-inconsiderable 1.5kg (3lb 4oz), which means it needs to be designed well to distribute it’s weight as broadly as possible.

Unzipping ¾ of the way round to allow unfettered access and running the full length of the bag, the vast main compartment also has a small zippered mesh pocket for phones, keys and other essentials.

The soft-lined top pocket is ready for your phone, glasses or goggles.

Ready for a 3L reservoir – though the KUDU doesn’t include one as standard.

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Yakima SkyRise – Poler Edition


EXCLUSIVE POLER SKYRISE TENT! Yakima teamed up with Poler on this custom SkyRise rooftop tent. It’s crafted from the materials we know and trust. The 210D nylon is light and breathable with mesh panels for ventilation and star gazing. The weather-shedding rainfly has a waterproof PU coating and for warm, clear evenings, leave it off for a faster set-up and a wide-open view.

  • Easy to pitch design means less work and more play
  • Thick, 2.5” wall-to-wall foam mattress provides cushy comfort
  • Mattress includes removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Made from the same lightweight and breathable materials as backcountry tents – 210D nylon
  • All windows and the two skylights have solid and mesh panels that zip open to improve ventilation and provide a view of the starry skies
  • 210D nylon rainfly with PU coating protects you from the elements
  • Aluminum poles are light, strong and pre-set to make pitching a breeze
  • Tool-free vehicle mounts – no bolts required – means it’s easy to put on and quick to take off
  • Locks to roof rack with SKS Lock Cores (included) for added security
  • Ladder and all hardware are included for easy set up
  • Tent FAQs?

The Yakima Poler SkyRise tent is available at your independent local Yakima retailer, but they are a limited edition item, so they won’t be available forever! Hurry in to your local Yakima Dealer!


SCOTT – Layer Like a Pro


How you dress for your day in the mountains can make or break your experience. Whether you’re a resort skier, mountaineer, or big mountain freerider, strategic layering is key to ensure all day comfort and enjoyment. Following these simple steps will allow you to make quickly adapt based on your activity level and changing weather conditions.

It doesn’t matter if you are skinning up to your secret powder stash, or summiting your next peak. You will sweat. If you don’t, you’ll overheat. The ideal comfort zone for the body is 37°, above this temperature, it becomes difficult to stay focused and perform at your best.

In order to keep your body best in its optimal comfort zone, we recommend wearing different layers so you can actively regulate your temperatures throughout the day. The thinner these layers are, the more precise the regulation.

Each layer has a function

SCOTT products are specifically designed to work in harmony with one-another, and our full line of layering pieces is no exception. Together with SCOTT outerwear, our layering keeps skiers warm, dry, and ready to tackle the mountain.




Staying dry in cold weather environments is the first step in ensuring all day comfort. As the name implies, the base layer is your next-to-skin layer and is vital for actively managing perfusion. It helps regulate core temperature by moving your body’s perspiration away from your skin.








The midlayer, or insulating layer, provides the warmth you need to play in the cold. The insulating layer helps retain the heat you produce by trapping air close to your body. Natural fibers such as wool and goose down are excellent insulators.









The shell layer/outer layer is your shield, protecting you from the elements. All SCOTT shells are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish, which ensures that moisture will bead up, and easily roll off the fabric. But keeping the elements out is only half the battle. A good shell-layer also needs to offer good ventilation capabilities, so perspiration can properly exit the body and evaporate rather than condense on the inside of your shell.






SCOTT products are specifically designed to work in harmony with one-another, and our full line of layering pieces is no exception. Together with SCOTT outerwear, our layering keeps skiers warm, dry, and ready to tackle the mountain.Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.37.18 AM

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Bridgedale’s Colin Sanders Rowed Solo Across the Atlantic Ocean

He did it! Colin Sanders, 64, rows solo across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness and funds for Community Living

From Community Living Ontario

English Harbour, ANTIGUA – Colin Sanders was greeted by ship horns and a hero’s welcome when his boat entered Antigua’s English Harbour yesterday evening (March 2, 2018) after rowing across the Atlantic Ocean for 83 days.

The resident of Port Hope, Ontario began his journey called A Million Possibilities: Solo Ocean Row 2017 from the Canary Islands’ Puerto de Mogán on December 10th, 2017. Over that time, Sanders endured a capsizing, difficulties with his equipment, and food poisoning, all while rowing the ocean by himself.

“No one is happier to have made it across the ocean than I,” said Sanders, as well-wishers looked on.

“I’m not a spring chicken. I’m 64, so the day-to-day grind of rowing across the Atlantic was probably the toughest challenge for me.”

A Million Possibilities: Solo Ocean Row was also an awareness and fundraising campaign for Community Living Ontario and its member organizations, who raised a combined $145,500. Sanders’ adult son, Jeff, is supported by Community Living Campbellford/Brighton in Cobourg, Ontario.

“More people have been to space than have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean by themselves. Colin’s adventure illustrates that we can all achieve great things with adequate preparation, the proper support and sheer determination,” said Ron Laroche, Director of Communications, Marketing and Fund Development for Community Living Ontario.

John Beeden was also on hand for Sanders’ arrival. Beeden, who has crossed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on his own, sold the ocean row boat to Sanders.

Sanders has been chronicling his journey with regular blog posts, which are available by visiting

A Million Possibilities: Solo Ocean Row 2017 was generously sponsored by Ocean’s, Nite Ize, CSBT, McDougall Insurance and Financial, Frank Cowan Company, and Bollin Group Inc (Bridgedale.)



Yakima: Small Car Big Adventure



Every Car is an Adventure Mobile

Nimble and parkable, your trusty compact isn’t limited to grocery runs and the daily commute. It’s your adventure mobile, so rig it up right. We have racks that fit just about any small car out there – yours included – so you can load up and hit the road.



Ride Small. Travel Large.


Four seats for friends – keep it that way

Rack your lil’ ride.

You don’t need a big ride for big adventures.

There’s a common misconception that you need a big car to have big adventures… we strongly disagree. With the addition of a Yakima roof rack to your smaller hauler, your tiny ride can easily accommodate you, your friends, and your gear, no matter what the season.

Our racks fit just about any small car out there – from a Mini Cooper to a Toyota Prius, and everything in between.  Simply switch up your gear mounts to accommodate any activity, and turn your small car into a year round bad ass adventure-mobile.


Unlimited options for bikes and cargo

Building your adventure mobile.

The basics of a roof rack

A roof rack is the foundation of your small car adventures. Made up of towers and crossbars, adding one to your lil’ ride will expand your cargo space and extend your adventures throughout the entire year.

Endless gear combinations and no seasonal limitations, that’s the roof rack advantage. We’ve tailored our roof racks specifically for each smaller hauler out there, so you can hit the open road with all your gear and peace-of-mind.  Find out what we’ve got for your smaller hauler to get started building your adventure-mobile!

RinseKit Portable Pressurized Shower – 2018 NEW Products

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RinseKit LUX Soft Tote

RinseKit’s new soft tote design! 50% more spray time than the original RinseKit (up to 8 minutes on the center setting) and is full of features. The hot water sink adapter is included!

The Eon™ pressure chamber has two 1 inch accessory ports to accommodate RinseKit’s upcoming accessories – a heater system that plugs into a car accessory adapter and a hand pump system which allows users to fill and pressurize their unit remotely – without access to a hose bib or sink.

The Soft Tote has 2 outside pockets, a shoulder strap, a quick access double zipper top and 2 side handles for convenience when loading it into a vehicle. Adding to it’s versatility, the Tote doubles as a soft cooler. The full zip top allows the pressure chamber to be easily removed allowing the Tote to be the perfect cooler when it’s time to chill some beers.

RinseKit Hot Rod Water Heater

RINSEKIT’s new heater quickly and safely heats the water in a RinseKit to a comfortable shower temperature. It plugs into a standard 12 volt vehicle accessory port (cigarette lighter) with a cord long enough to reach to the back of an SUV.

It has a built in timer and an auto shut off switch for safety. The stainless steel heating probe screws into the drain plug hole of the RinseKit and does not need to be removed use after use.Now you can have a hot shower just about anywhere!

CamelBak Hot Cap


Give lukewarm the cold-shoulder with the new Hot Cap bottle. A leak-proof 360° cap allows drinking from any side so you can sip subconsciously. Sweat-proof, vacuum insulation keeps the outside of the bottle dry and your beverage hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. Hot Cap can accommodate contents up to 195⁰F, 90⁰C. For easy cleaning, the rotating valve twists apart and can be removed completely. This cap is compatible with only Chute Mag bottles only.


  • 360° Cap: Allows drinking from any side of the bottle
  • Leak-Proof Rotating Valve: Twists open for easy sipping and twists apart for easy cleaning
  • Vacuum Insulation: Keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 6 hours
  • Stays Dry: Sweat-proof insulation ensures a no-slip grip
  • Dishwasher Safe Cap: Cap assembly is top-rack dishwasher safe (hand wash vessel)
  • This cap is compatible with only Chute Mag bottles only.






  • Capacity: 0.6L/20 fl oz
  • Cap Material: BPA-Free Polypropylene
  • Closure: Leak Proof 360 Cap
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 26 cm / 2.8 x 2.8 x 10.2 in
  • Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 311 g / 11 oz