Arctic 12: Skiing Sweden’s 12 Highest Peaks | SCOTT Freedom To Explore E5

Skiing Sweden’s 12 Highest Peaks

Jackie Paaso and her team including #SCOTTwinterproteam members Erin Smart and Benjamin Ribeyre will spend 25+ days traversing North of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The plan is to link together and ski all of the 2000 meter peaks that exist in Sweden. They also happen to be the only 2000+ meter peaks in Scandinavia that are located in the Arctic region. If successful they could be the first to climb and ski all of these peaks during the winter. This journey will take them over 330+ kilometers of some of the most beautiful, rugged, and untouched terrain in all of Europe. This area crosses some of Sweden’s most breathtaking, yet harshest environment and is considered the last wilderness of Europe.

Full film available now – ARCTIC 12

CamelBak X Camp Chef: Smoked Old Fashioned Drinkware Recipe


Smoked Old Fashioned

Serves 1


·      1.5 Tbs. Simple Syrup

·      ¼ cup whiskey, bourbon, or brandy, etc.

·      ½ cup lemon lime soda mixer

·      Dash of bitters

·      1 orange sliced

·      1 cherry


Preheat your Pellet Grill to 180F to batch of smoked simple syrup. While the grill pre-heats add 1 cups water to 1 cup sugar. Dissolve. Pour into your 12” Skillet (or sheet pan with at least 1-2-inch-high sides.) Place on the bottom rack for 2 hours. With heat guard gloves, remove from the pellet grill and cool completely. Bottle in an airtight container such as a mason jar and store in the refrigerator for up to a month. 

Slice oranges and drain your cherries. Place your cherries on a small baking sheet on the top shelf of the grill. You can place the cut oranges direct on the bottom grate next to your Cast Iron Skillet. Smoke oranges and cherries for 10-30 minutes according to your smoke preference (10 minutes being for a little smoke and 30 minutes for a lot of smoke.)

Pour simple syrup mix to cover the bottom of your CamelBak Horizon Rocks Tumbler. Add ¼ cup of your alcohol of choice Stir. Add ice. Stir again. Add ½ cup of your favorite lemon lime soda mixer. Stir until foamed. Garnish with smoked orange and/or cherry.

For a mocktail use barley tea (steeped for 10+ minutes) instead of the whiskey. Bitters tend to have a very minute amount of alcohol in comparison to the actual drink. Keep it as is or purchase non-alcoholic bitters like Dram.

SCOTT – Freedom to Explore Ep.4 – SAUVATGE feat. Pierre Hourticq & Helias Millerioux


Pierre Hourticq and Helias Millerioux have two different perspectives on the mountains. But they both want to seek new adventures and the freedom to explore. It is just this chemistry that leads them to attempt extreme routes like the “PIC DU MIDI D’OSSAU”, “Vignemale’s Couloir de GAUBE”, the north face of “TAILLON”, “Couloir SWAN” along with others. A 25 days expedition through one of the most underrated and probably one of the most unexpected ski mountaineering areas in Europe, the Pyrenees which happen to be also Pierre’s home.

⛷️: Pierre Hourticq & Hélias Millerioux – Mountainman

🎥: Ivresse Films

📍: Pyrenees

SAUVATGE by Ivresse Films x Scott Sports Riders : Pierre HOURTICQ – Helias MILLERIOUX Directed by Antoine FRIOUX Written by Benjamin HOURTICQ Cinematographers : Antoine Frioux – Nathan BIRRIEN – Thomas GUERIN Color Grading : Vincent RICCI Mix & Sound Design : Thomas ROCHE – Mix & Mouse Photographer : Anthony BONAL

Yakima – Your Ticket To Ride – StageTwo and HangTight

You first hear it in the grinding of your gears. The noise of the gravel and mud as you push yourself to go faster, and dig deeper. It’s the loud rally cry that first starts as background noise—growing and growing, until it becomes heavy metal thunder to drown out everything else. It’s the sound that says, don’t wait, ride now, and don’t let anything hold you back. This moment is the perfect place to start. The time to gain new momentum. To climb a little higher. To go a little faster. To live a little wilder. To fire everything all at once. Finally, you have your ticket to ride.


Get ready to take the stage. Designed with spacious stadium style trays and SpeedKnob tech, the new StageTwo bike rack transports your bikes safely, with no handlebar rub and no wobble.


Bring the whole crew, whether the crew has full-suspension bikes, kids bikes, or road bikes, there’s room for everyone. The new HangTight loads up to six bikes on the fly. Smartly designed with tough steel construction, each bike is vertically and securely held in place, making it the ultimate ticket to ride.

Snow Peak – Best Of 2021 – Top-Rated Ten

Written by: Savanna Frimoth From

As we enter the final month of the year, we’re taking time to reflect on highlights from 2021. For the first installment in our Best of 2021 Series, we’re examining ten top-rated products from the past year. Community feedback helps us innovate so we can continue to create elevated and rejuvenating outdoor experiences for you. We hope you enjoy reading what Snow Peakers had to say about some of their favorite outdoor essentials.

Wabuki Chopsticks

“The Wabuki Chopsticks feel high quality and solid, while also being lightweight and small. The steel with the brass and bamboo looks absolutely stunning. I’ve been using them almost every day, just quickly putting them together to eat, wash, and then take them apart to store. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who uses chopsticks daily.” – Cole R.

Takibi Fire & Grill

“We’re not experienced grillers or fire-starters, but wanted to have this item because we thought it would improve our fire cookout experience. Straight out of the box, it’s easy to assemble and feels sturdy, so there was no second-guessing about assembly when we used it the first time. (And obviously we washed the grill prior to first use. It’s a good size and so is the grill itself, and the quality is fantastic. Even after hours of smoky flames and us dripping glaze for our cooking over it, it cleaned up easily at the end of the night. It dumped out well, rinsed out without issue, and the grill was easier to scrub down than I expected. A really great set-up both for seasoned campers and for newbies who just want to try their hand at cooking with fire outdoors. We haven’t tried it with friends yet, but are looking forward to doing so!” -Bobbi V.

Jikaro Firering Table

“Snow Peak’s design is impeccable. They are a cut above any other camping products out there when it comes to camping furniture. The Jikaro Firering Table is easy to setup and take down. Snow Peak’s stainless steel is amazing. Strong and robust.” – Brandon S.

Titanium Aurora Bottle

“Beautiful bottle, I use it for hiking, backcountry camping, and generally anytime I’m out for an extended period of time. It’s just the right size for travelling light, and doesn’t leak at all no matter how much it gets tossed around. Super lightweight, and lovely to look at!” -Stephanie T.

Alpha Breeze

“I spent months exploring and testing four-person tents from various manufacturers. There is no shortage of options when you need a quality two-person or three-person, but once you step up to a four the options are slim. Of the dozen or so I tested this is simply the best. Incredible ventilation. Easy set up and break down (some tents I tested had poles over 12 feet long and infeasible in tight camping situations), all doors and windows zipper shut (not the case with the best alternative I tried), nice ceiling height. There is nothing frankly I would change. This tent is large enough to host a family of four + pets without being cramped and yet never seems unwieldy or excessively large at the same time.” – Adrian P.

Shimo Stein

“It’s a perfect size and keeps my drink cold for a long time!” – Masakazu I.

Solid Stake #30

“As everything Snow Peak does these stakes are well built, have real weight and are very functional. Got two different sizes for soft or firm terrain and makes setting up my tent a lot easier.” -Juan B.

Trek 900 Titanium

“I decided to buy the Trek 900 to compliment my cooking set (the 3 piece cooking set), I needed a light weight cup with a lid to make my cooking easier. So far the Trek 900 has suited my needs. It is light-weight and sturdy. I will continue to buy from Snow Peak for my cooking gear as long as I am able to work in the backcountry!”

Take! Renewed Bamboo Chair

“Even when we’re not camping, we keep this chair in our car for any impromptu opportunities to sit, relax, and take in the outdoors.” – Tyler W.


“If you own a Takibi Fire & Grill, please do yourself a favor and buy this! It makes the campfire look incredible and helps tremendously with managing the smoke. Gone are the days that you’re dodging the smoke from the campfire. 100% recommended!” -Kristoffer A.

Gear Patrol – Camelbak and Lifestraw Team Up to Purify Your Water

By Hayley Helms From

CamelBak and LifeStraw

The two brands have released a new collection of bottle and reservoir solutions, designed to purify water on any adventure.

Are you ready a new kind of portable filtration?

CamelBak and LifeStraw have teamed up to launch their first-ever filtration collaboration. Combining the portability and durability of CamelBak with the filtration tech that LifeStraw is known for, the new collection features several integrated water bottles and reservoirs, as well as standalone filters.

Integrated into each of the bottles and the reservoir, the Eddy + filtered by LifeStraw technology utilizes two stages of filtration to remove anything nasty from your water. The water first passes through the Hollow Fiber Filter, which CamelBak says removes bacteria, parasites and microplastics. The liquid then moves through the second filter, the Ion Exchange Filter, which reduces lead, taste and odor, chlorine and other chemicals in the water.

The Bottles

The Eddy+ filtered by Lifestraw Vacuum Insulated Bottle allows you to enjoy fresh, clean water anywhere you go.

The Eddy + filtered by LifeStraw technology comes in three bottle styles and sizes: Eddy + filtered by Lifestraw 32 ounce vacuum-insulated bottle ($70) and the Eddy + filtered by LifeStraw with Tritan Renew, available in both 20 and 32 ounces ($45 and $50, respectively). The Vacuum Insulated option features double wall vacuum insulation, and is BPA, BPS, and BPF free. It comes in three different colorways, and the Eddy + straw cap is spill-proof when open, enhancing its functionality.


The Eddy + filtered by LifeStraw with Tritan Renew is available in both a 20 ounce size, as well as 32 ounce, and is made with using a recycling process that’s more efficient than standard mechanical recycling, easing the impact of the bottle on the environment. The bottles are odor and stain resistant and free of BPA, BPS, and BPF. Both sizes of the Eddy + filtered by LifeStraw with Tritan Renew come in three colorways.

$45, $50

The Reservoir

The Crux 2L Reservoir Filtration Kit combines the flexibility of a backpack reservoir, with the safety of Lifestraw’s filters.

The Crux 2L Reservoir makes it easy to feel confident in your drinking water, no matter where your adventures take you. CamelBak integrated LifeStraw’s two-filter system in the Crux, as well as its own Quicklink System, leakproof on/off valve and leakproof cap, all of which combat the possibility of a flooded reservoir (and unhappy camper).

Along with the water bottles and reservoir, CamelBak is also offering a full range of standalone filters, able to match the unique and varying filtration needs the user may have.

The entire collection helps filter water here at home, but also gives back: for every CamelBak filtered by LifeStraw product purchased, a child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire year.

The entire collection is available online today.

SCOTT Pure Ski – Born and Nurtured in the Alps

SCOTT Pure Ski – Born and Nurtured in the Alps

Made by and made for Jérémie Heitz, the all-new SCOTT Pure is a freeride weapon. Read More about @Jérémie Heitz‘s La Liste – Everything Or Nothing here:

A progressive power titanal layer allows a more direct and responsive performance while our dual-power wood core ensures a smooth ride and makes every turn easy to navigate, no matter whether you’re charging down a north face or floating on fresh pow.

The close collaboration with Jérémie Heitz gave us a good insight into his needs on big mountain terrain but also inspired us with a pure and simple ski design. – Yakima Carries More Than Just MTB w/ New HangTight and GateKeeper

From by Zach Overholt

Yakima HangTight

Want to carry more bikes and more types of bikes than the current HangOver? Then you might want to check out the new HangTight. Like the HangOver, the HangTight supports each bike vertically which allows up to 6 bikes to be carried on the back of your vehicle with a 2″ hitch.

However, where the HangOver supported only suspension forks on the fork crown, the HangTight attaches to the bars on either side of the stem. That allows for the rack to work with many more bikes with rigid or suspension forks. Obviously, there will be some bikes that won’t work with this arrangement (tri bikes?), but it should work with more bikes than the HangOver.

It will also work with more vehicles than the HangOver thanks to the flat profile of the bike arrangement. That means for flat back vehicles like Sprinter vans, it will work better, and still offer tilt-down access.

Yakima says that the HangTight will not replace the HangOver, but will be offered alongside for $799 for the 4 bike or $999 for the 6 bike version. Expect these to be available before the end of the year.

Updated GateKeeper Preview

In the back of their booth, Yakima was also giving a sneak peek at the updated GateKeeper truck tailgate pad.

It will still hold up to five bikes, but one of the biggest updates is the move from velcro straps to buckles for the frame holds.

The shape has also been updated, specifically to fit the new Jeep Gladiator pickups, and a lock loop has been added for additional security. – Yakima Goes Premium w/ New StageTwo Tray Rack

From by Zach Overholt

Yakima StageTwo

It’s taken a while, but it seems like bike racks in the U.S. are catching up to their European counterparts. Well, at least in terms of lighting, that is. That’s probably because having lights and a license plate holder isn’t a requirement in many parts of the U.S.—or it is a requirement, but generally isn’t enforced. However, to improve vehicle safety when carrying bikes, and give police one less reason to potentially pull you over, more brands stateside are offering racks with integrated lighting—like the new Yakima StageTwo with the optional SafetyMate package.

Yakima is taking an interesting route here, as the lights aren’t included in the base model StageTwo. Instead, they’re offered as an additional accessory package that sells for $219. That package includes full rear lighting with tail, brake, and turn signal lights along with a rear license plate light for the external license plate bracket. We’ve seen new racks with lights from Kuat and Saris recently, but both of those omit the rear license plate holder which may or may not be needed. The whole point to any of this is that a bike on a bike rack can block your taillights and license plate. Repositioning them keeps them visible, and keeps you legal depending on the local laws.

The SafetyMate uses a standard flat 4-way connector, and the wiring harness routes through the frame of the rack.

Due to the positioning of the lights, Yakima designed them to rotate 90° so that they’re still visible when the rack is folded up.

For those that don’t want the lights, the new StageTwo tray style rack will be sold without the SafetyMate package and starts at $749. The rack gets a premium Anthracite or Vapor Grey finish, and a few updates that position it at the top of the Yakima range.

A new tilt lever offers access on either side of the handle for easy access in either position.

There’s also an updated speed knob that tightens the rack down in the hitch and locks it to the vehicle with their SKS (Single Key System).

Locking is also available for each bike with SKS cable locks at each upright, and there’s an additional lock loop on the body of the rack to add a burly chain lock for secure storage when you need it.

Each tray is positioned with ‘stadium tiering’ and staggered trays to make loading multiple bikes easier. The trays have a 52″ maximum wheelbase, and will fit up to 3.25″ tires before you’ll need the additional fat bike strap for bigger tires. In terms of the weight limit, Yakima has the StageTwo for two levels of use: there is a 60lb per bike maximum tray capability or a maximum of 36lb per bike if using the rack for RV or off-road use. A two bike add-on will be offered in each color for another $549.

There will also be a Ramp Up accessory offered for $99. This ramp connects to the tray and allows you to push your bike up the ramp into the rack for easier loading. It does not store on the rack, so you’ll need to install and remove this every time you want to use it while storing it inside the vehicle between use.

SCOTT Sports – The Cottonwood Project w/ Sam Cohen

By Sam Cohen

My old man came to Alta, Utah in the late 70’s. A transplant from Glencove, New York. Back then Alta was much different. The Salt Lake Valley wasn’t harboring over 1 million people and the snow was just as deep, adding up to more face shots for the diehard hippies skiing Alta back then. Many of these diehard Alta locals grew up and started having families, ushering in the next generation of “Altaholics”.

My mom worked at the Alta Lodge while my pop was out shooting ski photos. For them this meant finding a babysitter that could work long hours and keep up with my ridiculous antics. The ski hill became the perfect babysitter as was the case for most the locals up there. This led to the children of these transplants skiing together. Through the years we became very close and skied together every day as we continued to embody the saying “you are a product of your environment.”

Flash forward twenty years and most of us are still in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Something about having everything at your fingertips has kept me here. The easy access to amazing skiing, the splitter granite rock climbing, the international airport and anything you could ever need lies within 30 minutes of your house. The more I’ve traveled the more I realize how great this place really is.

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