GSI MicroLite Vacuum Bottle



With its sleek design and clean construction, this high-spec, durable Glacier Stainless Vacuum Bottle will keep your beverages hot or cold for hours and hours. Perfect for commuting, picnic, sporting events and base camping.



Bridgedale Introduces Waterproof, Breathable StormSocks

From SNEWS by Katy Gaenicke

Bridgedale StormSock

HydroTech™ PU membrane allows perspiration to pass to the outer layer of the sock while preventing outside water from getting in

Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd, a global market leader in the manufacture of performance socks, introduces its first 100% waterproof and windproof breathable sock called StormSock. Developed to provide wet weather protection and day long comfort, it combines Bridgedale’s latest knitting technology, FusionTech™ with a HydroTech™ waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane. The StormSocks will be available online and through specialty retailers in North America in fall 2018.

“Bridgedale’s new StormSock collection has been designed and tested to perform to the highest standards in the wettest conditions when hiking, biking or running and will keep feet protected from wind, cold and wetness,” said Jim Evans, Product Manager for Bridgedale. “The 100% waterproof StormSock guarantees foot protection and comfort for outdoor adventurers tackling the wettest trails.”

The Bridgedale StormSock is constructed with three layers of protection. The inner Layer that touches the skin is made with 60% Merino Wool that’s known for its anti-odor properties, combined with wicking synthetic fibers to move perspiration away from the foot. A terry loop underfoot cushion that extends around both the toes and over the heel ensures comfortable feet in wet conditions. The HydroTech™ PU membrane allows perspiration to pass to the outer layer of the sock while preventing outside water from getting in. This Hydrophilic nonporous PU membrane transports perspiration to the outside via solid state diffusion meaning water molecules are carried through the physical membrane as it seeks to maintain heat and humidity equilibrium. This membrane is not affected by foreign object contamination (such as mud, dirt and salts from sweat) unlike the more common microporous membranes commonly found in waterproof clothing. When laminated to the inner and outer layers this midlayer creates a 100% waterproof, stretchable and well-fitted sock. The Nylon and Lycra outer layer protects the waterproof sock against abrasion from footwear and provides excellent stretch to ensure the sock is easy to pull on and off and guaranteeing a snug fit.

Machine washable and available in ankle, boot and knee length, the StormSock has three different weight options:


Lightweight: Perfect for warmer weather, high cardio activities such as mountain biking and trail running. MSRP: $44.99 (ankle), $49.99 (Boot)


● Midweight: With a terry cushioned footbed and ankle, this sock is ideal for outdoor activities where a good balance of warmth and breathability is required, from biking and running to hiking and mountaineering. MSRP: $49.99 (ankle), $54.99 (boot), $57.99 (knee)


● Heavyweight: This sock has full terry cushioning throughout and is perfect for cold weather activities such as winter hiking, backpacking and biking. MSRP: $59.99 (boot), $62.99 (knee)




About Bridgedale:

Bridgedale, is the global market leader in the manufacture of technical socks for walking, hiking, mountaineering, running, and skiing. Using the latest hosiery machinery, the most progressive designs and the most advanced yarn technology, Bridgedale combines natural fibres with technical fibres ensuring their socks are comfortable, durable and perform in a variety of climates and conditions. Bridgedale socks are currently sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Customized CamelBak Bottles


Keep your customers hydrated with custom-printed CamelBak water bottles. Promote your company, team, event, or give the ultimate gift at your next holiday party. Two week production times and 72 bottle order minimums apply.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.05.54 AM


Laser etch your mark into stainless steel or screen print your art with vibrant inks. We’ve got the right technology to get the job done, the way you need. Our large run minimum orders means you get the quality your project requires.
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YAKIMA – School of Rack – Cargo Management 101


Duffels and tents, coolers and firewood – make more room inside by carrying it up top. But how? A cargo bag, cargo box, or cargo basket? We guide you towards the option that works for your gear, vehicle, and adventures.


Box, Bag Or Basket – Find Your Best Cargo Solution Duffels and tents, coolers and firewood – make more room inside by carrying it up top. But how? A cargo bag, cargo box, or cargo basket? We guide you towards the option that works for your gear, vehicle, and adventures


Our cargo boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes—all designed to maximize the amount of gear they can fit.


The SkyBox 12 is long enough for skis and boards, yet narrow enough to leave room for bikes and boats.


The SkyBox Carbonite 16 is the perfect companion for hauling your gear.


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Outside Magazine: RinseKit


From Outside Online by Michael Roberts

RinseKit Portable Shower

The portable shower has gotten a much-needed reboot.

For those who find the standard hang-it-from-a-tree gravity showers lacking in pressure and pump-up showers like the well-made Helio Pressure Shower a touch too involved, there’s a new supremely simple option: RinseKit. Call it a shower in a box.

RinseKit is pressurized directly from a water spigot or, with a threaded adaptor, most sink faucets. No plugging in. No batteries. No pumping. The pressure is equal to what you get from your sink or hose, or about eight gazillion times better than typical portable showers. Using the “Shower” setting, we got just shy of four minutes of wash time out of the two-gallon volume, though the pressure did decline towards the end. The box is insulated, so if you fill it with hot water it will hold its heat for several hours.

It’s not a unit you’ll take far from your car, but for beach days or, say, de-mudding your dog at the trailhead, you can’t beat it.

RinseKit Plus: $99

RinseKit Luxe Tote: $159RinseKit-Comparsion-Chart-2018_cd5861c9-6469-43c3-b387-c54126d08aee.jpg



CamelBak Hot Cap Travel Mug

CamelBak Hot Cap Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Give lukewarm the cold-shoulder with the new Hot Cap bottle. A leak-proof 360° cap allows drinking from any side so you can sip subconsciously. Sweat-proof, vacuum insulation keeps the outside of the bottle dry and your beverage hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. Hot Cap can accommodate contents up to 195⁰F, 90⁰C. For easy cleaning, the rotating valve twists apart and can be removed completely. This cap is compatible with only Chute Mag bottles.

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YAKIMA – School of Rack – Rack 101




The Yakima School of Rack is in session, offering introductory classes to help you choose the roof rack system and mounts that work for you, your gear, and your ride. Each lesson breaks down a rack category and helps you understand the rack possibilities available to enable your next epic adventure.

Why are there different types of bike and kayak racks? What if I like to do a bunch of different things – how do I create a set-up for that? I know I’m supposed to tie down my kayak, but how do I do it right?

Our curriculum has it covered. So, sharpen your pencils, sit up straight, find your class, and take notes. Then rack up for recess!



A multi-sport rack system is all about that base, and that base is your roof rack. But what fits your vehicle’s roof? What kind of roof do you even have? Which bars and towers do you need? In this School of Rack session, we guide you to the perfect system for your vehicle.




If you’ve never been racked before, this is the place to start. We’ll introduce you to the many options and choices available to you. Whether you’re a pro at your sport and looking for new solutions, or taking up a new hobby and not sure what you need, we’ll help you find the right racks and mounts to get you on the road.

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