Yakima UnRacked: Road Biking with Kenny Graham




“I ride as much as I can,” says Kenny.  “I ride to work  – an hour and a half commute – then I’ll commute home, and after work I try and ride for a couple more hours if I can. Plus long weekend rides.”

What about lunch? “Sometimes. But lunchtime rides are over too quick.”

Kenny is a Product Integrity Specialist, but that’s just a title. “I like to share the Yakima culture – I consider myself to be a brand ambassador. I want to make sure the cycling community knows what Yakima is about, what our presence is in the cycling world – and in the outdoor community, too – so I work hard to insert our involvement so people can understand what we are and what we do.”

Kenny is on a cycling team Revenge Cycling & Racingand owns a cycling promotion company that puts on events. Yakima sponsors both. He’s also heavily involved with OBRA – the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association – and is a race official. “Official, rider, promoter – I get to see cycling from all vantage points.”



In the dark ages, Kenny used to haul his bike in the backseat. But one Yakima rack changed all that. His first true Yakima love?“Initially it was the HoldUp. It gave me the  ability to carry more than just one bike – and get it out of the backseat. The HoldUp let me stack bikes on the rack, giving my backseat some space for my friends and other stuff.” Recently, he upgraded his HoldUp to a Dr.Tray, continuing to iterate his ride to make getting out on his bike even easier.

And what’s some go-to gear that isn’t a bike or a rack? “My GQ6 hydration drinks are my go-to now. They are a sponsor and I believe in their product – keeps me hydrated, no cramps, I don’t leave home without it.”




  1. Take your time when installing bikes on your rack system. When rushed, you will forget steps. This is not a good thing for your bike! 
  2. Always take your keys to lock your bike to your rack – and never leave your bike out of your sight. If they want it bad enough – they will steal your car with your bike on it!
  3. Always carry enough water while you’re riding or plan so you can get a refill on your route.
  4. Never let a certain friend of mine – we’ll call her Brenda M. – create the route. NEVER EVER – NEVER EVER!!! (See tip 3)
  5. Always have fun! #cyclingiseverything!




Where does he unrack? “I love to go over Neskowin. It’s on the Oregon Coast, ten miles north of Lincoln City on highway 101. There’s the old highway that carves it way through the forest. Low traffic, nice climbing. I can spend a couple of hours getting things out of my system. Riding the old highway is my escape.”





“My brother and I took a day trip to Paulina Lake in Central Oregon, and he decided he wanted to climb to the top of Paulina Peak,” recalls Kenny. Kenny wasn’t psyched on pedaling up a long, steep road – it was 99 degrees out – but his brother sold him on it and told him to bring a coat. Good advice. “Paulina was a crazy ride – it was brutal, but my brother and I were determined! At the top it was 20 degrees colder, and conditions weren’t great,” says Kenny. “But, I could literally see all of Oregon. Every mountain and weather systems rolling in – the view from all angles was amazing. I could have stayed there all day… all day long.”



Kenny’s not our only awesome employee. Checkout our entire Unracked series to see who else here at Yakima is getting outdoors, how they have their car racked out, tips and tricks, and their favorite Pacific Northwest adventure spots.




At Yakima, we believe the outdoors is more fun when shared. Shared with friends. And with family. Shared with goofballs, wingmen, dreamers, crushes and jokers. The more the merrier. Because the outdoors is not just about the adventure, it’s about the stories told, the inside jokes and the shared memories.

Stop in to your local Yakima dealer to find out more about the Dr Tray or pickup whatever you may need to make the most out of your adventures and make memories. Memories that remain, long after the trip is over.


Yakima UnRacked: Paddleboarding with Jenna Fallon

Jenna loves to stand-up paddle. “Every moment in the sunshine makes me do a happy dance.” And she makes it a point – even living in the rainy Pacific Northwest – to do her SUP and sun inspired happy dancing as often as possible.  

But she does have a day job. Jenna is our Digital Director. “I manage the yakima.com user experience. My job is to help consumers find what they need on our website to create their first-ever roof rack system by setting up the online process that helps you figure out how to find the right one for your car as simply and easily as possible.”

But when she gets the time, she loads up her husband, their kids – and maybe some friends’ kids, too – packs the sunblock and trail mix, and hits the Willamette River or Lake Oswego for some stand up paddling.  

Paddling in the Pacific Northwest

The Right Gear

The right gear makes life easier. Jenna is not tall, so getting SUPs to the top of her Honda Pilot used to be a chore. Not anymore.

“I love the ShowDown. The load assist – it makes it easy for my 5’1” self to load my board so I can easily get from home to the lake or river. My husband likes it, too. The ShowDown is making life easier for him because I don’t have to ask him to come help every time I want to load the boards. I am the tiniest of all my friends…and it’s a little challenging.”

Another piece of go-to gear?  “It’s my paddle. I own two of them – Slingshots – and won’t use any other kind. It’s adjustable so it works for my husband, kids and myself, and it’s super lightweight. I do love that thing.”

Jenna’s Wheels


  1. Sun protection! Bring sunblock, a trucker hat, sunglasses and a UV protective long sleeve shirt
  2. Bring snacks like trail mix…
  3. …and make you own. Just combine dried mango, homemade baked almonds, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips
  4. If you are not especially tall, get a load-assist SUP rack, like the ShowDown. You, your friends and family will appreciate it (more below)
  5. Some things bare repeating: SUNBLOCK!


Where does Jenna UnRack? “I like to go to the Willamette River – George Rogers Park – or right by the office at Lake Oswego to SUP with my daughter. She is six and knows how to use her paddle and board. If it’s not her, it’s with my friends.”
And she loves to share her sport. “I love teaching people how to SUP – my friends and kids. It’s really fun to see them get it. It’s easy to learn – once you get it you’re on the water and you’re free to go.”


Jenna SUPs a lot, and that makes for a bunch of epic days. Is there a most epic? “It’s hard to pick one. Doing Yoga on a stand-up paddleboard on the San Diego bay with a group of friends. Or being on a paddleboard on one July Fourth evening in Portland and watching fireworks. Or my after-work adventures hanging with my daughter and son on paddleboards together.”

All awesome, but then she hits on it: “Getting my family on our boards is the best way to spend quality time together. Watching the Oregon sun go down and watching the colors of the sunset is moving for all of us.”


Jenna’s not our only awesome employee. Checkout our entire UnRacked series to see who else here at Yakima is getting outdoors, how they have their car racked out, tips and tricks, and their favorite Pacific Northwest adventure spots.




At Yakima, we believe the outdoors is more fun when shared. Shared with friends. And with family. Shared with goofballs, wingmen, dreamers, crushes and jokers. The more the merrier. Because the outdoors is not just about the adventure, it’s about the stories told, the inside jokes and the shared memories.

Stop in to your local Yakima dealer to find out more about the ShowDown or pickup whatever you may need to make the most out of your adventures and make memories. Memories that remain, long after the trip is over.

CamelBak 2018 – K.U.D.U., TO.R.O., Repack, and Chase

The following is a sneak peek at the 2018 Bike offering from CamelBak for 2018.

From MTBR by Saris Mercanti

Hydration pack leader update popular packs, add riding vest to line-up

Chase Bike Vest

At first glance, the CamelBak Chase bike vest looks like something that belongs on the back of an ultra-runner. It’s kind of dorky — until you put it on. Then, in my opinion, it becomes the most comfortable hydration pack you’ve ever worn.

It may look dorky, but it’s comfy.

It’s designed for maximum stability, so the front and rear loads are balanced. Unlike the running versions, this mountain bike specific pack uses tougher materials, more zippers, and larger storage pockets. As an added advantage, it’s short enough so you can still access your jersey pockets. Price is $100.

The Chase isn’t just a running pack with a mountain bike label slapped on; it’s a careful redesign.

K.U.D.U. 10/20

For 2018, CamelBak has completely redesigned the K.U.D.U. The new pack sells for less, while adding a number of new features. The removable tool roll, integrated rain cover, helmet/armor straps, and side pockets all carry over. Items such as the belt, sternum straps, and back protection have all been redesigned.

The K.U.D.U. is the ultimate bag for enduro-style events. It meets CE2 levels of certification and offers impressive storage capabilities.

The new back protector meets the stringent CE2 motorcycle safety standard and is designed to be more flexible. This allows it to better conform to your back, making it more comfortable on long rides. The pad also receives additional perforation for improved airflow.

The K.U.D.U. comes in a 10 and 20L.

Perhaps the coolest feature is that the back protector can work without the cargo pack. If you want to go light weight, the entire back zips off to reveal a stand-alone back protector with jersey style pockets. The pack is available as either a 10L or 20L. Price is $200 and $230 respectively.

Want to go light? CamelBak gives you the option of unzipping the bag and using just the back protector.

T.O.R.O. 8 and 14

Don’t want to drop two bills on a CE certified backpack you’ll only wear at the bike park or when required at races? CamelBak’s new T.O.R.O. features a CE2 certified back protector, but ditches some of the bells and whistles found on the K.U.D.U.

Both the T.O.R.O. 8 and 14 carry a 3L (100oz) reservoir. The 8L (pictured left) offers an additional 5L of storage, while the 14L (right) offers an extra 11L.

If you can live without the rain cover, zip off design, and removable tool roll, you can pick up the T.O.R.O. 8L for $160 or the T.O.R.O. 14L for $180.

The T.O.R.O. uses a narrower back protector than the K.U.D.O. Both meet the same safety certification, but the slimmer pad helps reduce costs.

Repack LR 4

If hydration packs aren’t your thing, then the new Repack might be more your style. Based loosely on the Palos waist pack, this new bum bag resolves many of the complaints Mtbr had with the previous design. Read MTBR’s review of the Palos here.

The new Repack resolves MTBR’s minor complaints with the Palos.

The key is the new compression system, which should keep the bag from flopping around. CamelBak also reconfigured the pockets, so the new pack is sleeker. It will still tote a 1.5-liter reservoir, plus 2.5L of gear (or 4L of stuff and no reservoir). Price is $75.

A new compression strap system helps reduce bouncing.

Podium Dirt Series

When you’re headed on a shorter ride, sometimes you don’t need to carry a pack. A water bottle on your frame and some basic tools are enough. The only downside with a water bottle is that the nozzle can get covered in gunk. Enter the new Dirt Series. It’s basically the bottle and bite valve we’ve come to love, but with a silicone dust cap. The water bottle is also a touch shorter, so it’s less likely to rub on your shock.

The Dirt Series is available in standard and insulated versions. Both hold 21 oz. Retail is $11 and $15. That’s a $2 up charge over the standard Podium, which does not come with a dust cap.

The Podium Dirt series retails for $2 more than the regular version.

Sternum Protector

On a non-hydration related note, CamelBak was showcasing a new Sternum Protector with an integrated GoPro mount. This CEII level protector is made from the same material as the back protector in the K.U.D.O. and T.O.R.O. series and is cut to work in conjunction with a backpack. The Sternum Protector is available in one size (28-47” or 71-116 cm). Retail will be $100.

For that ultra clean look, you could wear the sternum protector next to your skin and cut a hole in your jersey for the action camera. This look has become widely adopted in motocross.

GoPro: Fast-Charging and Power


Stay focused on the action with GoPro’s fast and smart charging accessories. For epic days that won’t quit, the Supercharger, Dual Battery Charger, and Portable Power Pack let you capture more action with less charging time.

As always, happy capturing!

GoPro: Get Started with QuikStories

Last week GoPro made it easier than ever before to get edits of your adventures. QuikStories does the work for you. Check out the video below to get the most out of your HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session with QuikStories.



Get your QuikStories on!

Learn how to get up and running with QuikStories—the easiest way to transform your HERO5 footage into awesome videos. Spend less time creating your story… and more time living it.

To learn more about QuikStories and download the app at:

Check out the full story on The Inside Line:

Groove Life Silicone Rings – The Best Silicone Rings

PRW is happy to announce a relationship with Groove Life, makers of the Groove Ring, the best silicone ring on the market. Below is a review of the Groove Ring from engearment.com. If you are interested in selling Groove in your retail store please contact us at info@pacificrepworks.com.

Groove Life Silicone Rings – The Best Silicone Rings

From engearment.com by Dave Marcus

Some of my favorite products we review here are little things that solve silly problems I have. I know I’m not the only one that has these problems, so when these products come along, I love sharing them. One of my problems (I have many) is that my wedding band causes really bad calluses on my hand when I wear it while riding my bike. There are plenty of other situations where it makes sense to take off one’s wedding ring: shoving one’s hand into the garbage disposal, using a circular saw, or pretty much any time there is the possibility of sharp metal things spinning quickly near your finger come to mind. For all of those situations, let me introduce you to Groove Life Silicone Rings.

Groove offers two models – the Original and Thin. Both are 2.2mm thick. The Original is 8mm wide and the Thin is 5.5mm wide. 8mm is perfect – it’s the width I chose for my wedding band – substantial and manly without looking like Nikki Sixx. The Thin is less substantial but still wide enough to be unisex. All Groove rings are made from 80-durometer, medical grade silicone. There are multiple “medical grades” of silicone, but each is tested for biocompatibility. So, you won’t have any sort of skin reaction to the ring.

Groove Life isn’t the first silicone ring I’ve put on my finger. I’ve purchased two other brands in the past. But, Groove’s rings blow away the other brands I’ve tried. Other rings had molding artifacts that irritated my fingers. I tried to modify one with a pair of scissors, trimming off the sharp edge. It did not go well and ended up looking like absolute crap in addition to being uncomfortable. I lost that one. It may or may not have been intentional.

Compare… Same ring size.

Groove’s rings are less bulky on your fingers than others I’ve tried. The molds are more refined. And, they include sophisticated features you won’t find anywhere else; the inner portion of the ring is vented so things don’t stay soggy if you get your hands wet. Groove says they’re the only “breathable” silicone rings available. Marketing mumbo jumbo – the rings themselves don’t breath – but the venting does let air circulate. Whatever you want to call it, it’s effective.

There’s a downside to all this – Groove Life’s rings are more expensive by a large margin than some of the other rings you can get off Amazon. Each Groove ring is $29.95.  You can get a five-pack of cheapo rings for $6.50.

The question is, should you go cheap or go Groove? Let me frame it like this: before Groove sent their rings over, I chose to go ringless while riding rather than put the cheap silicone ring on; after Groove, my gold band is sitting in the cabinet and has, for the moment, been completely replaced and the Groove ring has not left my finger.

They also offer what may be the best warranty ever. No matter what, they will replace your ring.

Nicked on a bandsaw? Covered.

Dog chewed it, swallowed it, and pooped it out? Probably wash it first, but yeah, covered.

They’re more creative on their warranty page than I feel like being right now. Go for the dissatisfied wife, stay for the penguins.

So yeah, you should probably get at least one Groove Life silicone ring. For safety…right?


GoPro: Introducing QuikStories


Remember that birthday party/vacation/adventure where you captured a ton of awesome GoPro footage…but it’s still sitting on your SD card because you haven’t had the hours/energy/tools to make an edit? Well, it’s time to free your footage using QuikStories–a new mobile experience for HERO5 cameras that creates awesome video edits for you, automatically.

Available as of yesterday on iOS and Android, QuikStories automatically pulls footage and creates ready-to-share videos on your phone, complete with music, filters and effects. “It’s a game changer,” says GoPro Founder and CEO, Nick Woodman, and we know he’s right. QuikStories makes it as easy to create and share videos as it is to capture them.

Watch below to learn more about how QuikStories works and how you can get started making amazing GoPro videos in just one tap, and keep reading for the full press release.


Tell Your Story in One Tap with GoPro QuikStories

New GoPro App Pulls Footage from Your GoPro and
Creates Awesome Videos, Automatically

SAN MATEO, Calif. – (July 27, 2017) – Sharing cool experiences is now easy thanks to QuikStories – a new GoPro app feature that automatically pulls footage from a HERO5 camera and creates ready-to-share videos on your phone.  QuikStories are polished, shareable videos featuring customizable music, filters, and effects.

“QuikStories is our biggest leap forward since the invention of the GoPro itself,” says GoPro founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman.  “QuikStories is the simple storytelling solution our customers have been dreaming about for years.  It’s an absolute game changer.”

Making a QuikStory is as simple as pairing a HERO5 camera to your phone and launching the GoPro app. Then kick back as the app automatically copies your most recent GoPro footage to your phone and creates an exciting video for you.

Customizing a QuikStory is also easy.  Add text, slow motion and speed effects, change filters and music, adjust the total video length and more.  Additionally, any footage on your phone can be added to a QuikStory video.

QuikStories is now available for HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session users. To get started, download the new GoPro app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.