GoPro: Grocery Shopping with 2-Year-Old Henry


2-Year-Old Henry goes grocery shopping with Mom and Dad at their local supermarket, stocking up on the essentials; strawberries, carrots, cashews and COFFEE!

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera.

It may not be possible to enjoy shopping as much at Henry but here’s to trying. Whether you are all stocked up and ready or planing on picking it up last minute hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!



SCOTT- ALL IN: Parts 1 and 2

Each new season brings opportunity for success as well as failure. The path is uncertain, and the destination is unknown, but the goal is always constant: to search and discover the right place at the right time. Some may call it luck while others recognize that fortunes are nurtured by preparation and perseverance. The willingness to drop everything on a moment’s notice and travel great distances without hesitation only strengthens the conviction, the mission, and the person. At times there may be hardship and injury to overcome. However patience is the foundation of clarity when all variables align and, for a precious few moments in time, you are allowed to follow your instinct and commit.

Suddenly, there is no turning back and the decision has been make to go ALL-IN.

ALL IN Part One :
Focuses on athletes, Sam Cohen and Corey Felton, as they discover that the best plans are never actually planned. Warmer than normal temperatures during the 2014-15 season forced the crew to abandon the Powder Highway and search for higher elevation in a remote corner of the Idaho backcountry. Blessed with stable conditions in an otherwise notoriously volatile snowpack, the crew methodically warms-up before tackling a number of legitimate big mountain descents. ”This is all part of the process,” admits Sam Cohen, “…you got to work your way up the ladder, cause every turn is training for Alaska.”


ALL IN Part Two : Enter the Chilkat Range (AK)
Part 2 showcases standout performances by Dane Tudor and Sam Cohen as they inspire each other to challenge themselves in the ultimate proving grounds, Alaska. Jagged, snow covered peaks collide with the deep blue ocean as these comrades work together creating a common bond in a land of sheer beauty and terror. Maintaining confidence while standing alone on top of a massive peak in a remote location requires a high level of self-confidence, and a special mentality earned through dedication and commitment. ”There comes a point when nothing else matters but what you truly believe in” according to Tudor, ”and for me that time is now.

SGB Weekly- Yakima 2016 Inovations


By Aaron H. Bible

In an industry-only announcement made this summer at a dealer event at its headquarters in Portland, OR, Yakima Products Inc. said it would launch the largest number of new products next year than it had in 20 years with more than 35 products and a base rack system that would reduce its number of clip SKUs by 50 percent.

Along with a renewed dealer engagement and a detailed evaluation of its consumer base, resulting in a revamped website and deeper understanding of how to grow its business, Yakima is rolling out a new aerodynamic roof rack system and upgraded cargo boxes next year. Yakima’s cargo boxes are made in the U.S.A. in Riverside, CA.

Due to the complexity of the category, the new products have been under development for more than three years. The company is keeping the release under embargo to consumer media until February 2016. While the SKU reduction will be fantastic news to dealers trying to stock a comprehensive assortment of Yakima base racks, the company wants to give them a chance to sell through this year’s inventory.


“The StreamLine System is the culmination of 35 years of Yakima innovation,” said Yakima Top of Car Category Director Garrett Barnum. “Like its predecessors, it has revolutionized the base rack space. StreamLine offers a complete solution for a wide variety of budgets, vehicles and uses. It is the epitome of Yakima’s commitment to making their products easy, from purchasing to installation to use.”

Yakima’s dealer event did replace its presence at ORSM, but Yakima was back in swing at Interbike, with an interesting spin, hosting the North By Northwest conglomerated booth space showcasing innovative brands from the Pacific Northwest region. This summer, its rep and dealer force were invited to a massive industrial warehouse and parking lot converted into a real life product showroom and upscale presentation space-complete with a wind tunnel, stage, movie screen and food trucks. It was here that reps, dealers, media, and even the outdoor community at large, were courted in the brand’s hometown.

Citing the lodging challenges of Salt Lake City, along with timing and the continuing or growing importance of regional buying shows, as well as the importance of the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance buying shows, Yakima Global Senior Sales Director Jason McGibbon said the company simply “wanted to start the dialogue earlier.” McGibbon said Yakima is not ruling out future Outdoor Retailer shows, including Winter Market 2016.

“Ryan [Martin, CEO] gave us a hall pass to do something different,” said Yakima Category Director Joel Grabenstein. “And I know from experience, when I get a hall pass, I take it.”

The company spent the last year tracking what it calls the “consumer journey experience,” and for Spring 2016 is focused on increasing its consumer base through new markets and continuing to focus on ease of use, approachability and customer experience. Or as the company said, focusing on its three core values of empowerment, making good and shared experiences. They also honed their customer categories down into five “persons” – core outdoor, cyclist, hook & bullet, baby boomer and travelers/family – including a “reset” on all new visual brand elements and photography.

Yakima said it would continue to produce products under its Whispbar and Prorack brands, reaching the high and low ends, respectively, of the rack market. The company is privately owned, employs 85 people in Portland and also has offices in Australia and Holland. It celebrated its official 35th anniversary in 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 3.56.14 PM

New Product Break Down

This next evolution of Yakima’s base racks is being called the StreamLine System – featuring both a streamlined look and installation experience developed as an integrated collection to create a cohesive look. Four bar styles are now completely interchangeable. Four new StreamLine towers should prove the most versatile and adaptable to date, featuring new BarBed design, which allows for pitch adjustment of the bar angle to achieve the most level front and rear crossbars, even on rounded roof lines. The StreamLine System also carries over the Yakima LandingPad, the “most seamless system on the market” for custom base racks.


At the center of the StreamLine system are four styles of crossbars – the CoreBar, JetStream Silver, JetStream Black and RoundBar. Each integrates with StreamLine System towers to maximize vehicle styling and cargo capacity.

The CoreBar is the first steel aerodynamic crossbar on the market, combining the strength and utility of steel with a JetFlow teardrop shape that minimizes wind noise and maximizes fuel efficiency. Roll formed steel construction is strong and reliable, galvanized and vinyl wrapped for durability and corrosion resistance. It’s available in four sizes – up to 20 inches longer than other aero bars on the market. Max load: 220 lbs. per pair of bars; Sizes: 50”, 60”, 70”, 80”; Finish: black vinyl coating; $119/pair.

The JetStream is a premium alloy crossbar available in two color options, engineered with a T-slot attachment and a wind tunnel designed JetFLow aerodynamic bar shape for noise reduction. Its SmartFill technology makes switching out accessories easy. JetStream is available in three sizes – up to 10 inches longer than other aero bars on the market. Max load: 165 lbs. per pair of bars; Sizes: 50”, 60”, 70”; Finishes: Clear anodized alloy finish; black powder coating; $195/pair. The iconic steel RoundBar remains vinyl-wrapped and available in five lengths, to fit any vehicle. The RoundBar was launched in 1982 and is far from obsolete. Max load: 165 lbs. per pair of bars; Sizes: 48”, 58”, 66”, 78”, 86”; $89/pair; 86” $159/pair.

Towers and Clips

The BaseLine is Yakima’s new, completely adjustable clamp tower system for bare roof types, adapting to fit the ever-changing shape of automobiles. This innovation is really the key to the SKU reduction. Its tower architecture uses a new bi-axial DropHook clip adjustment motion to accommodate a range of roof shapes. Its design ensures that the rack is safe and secure every time. The tower’s adaptable BarBed material conforms to work with RoundBar, CoreBar and JetStream Bars. In an industry first, it allows for pitch adjustment of the bar angle so that front and rear crossbars are as level as possible on vehicles with rounded roof lines. Crossbar fits: JetStream, Core- Bar, RoundBar (with adapter); Tower material: Stainless steel, glass reinforced plastic, elastomer padding; Lockable to vehicle (SKS locks sold separately); Maximum load rating to 220 lbs., depending on vehicle and bar rating; Risk-free torque set installation. Tool included. $199 (4 towers).

Yakima’s new family of custom shaped clips and pads are designed to work with BaseLine Towers to fit vehicles with bare roofs. Powder-coated stainless steel provides maximum strength and durabilitySold in pairs with vehicle-specific pads. Most racks require 2 sets. $48 (pair).

The RidgeLine Tower creates a base rack system for vehicles with factory flush side rails. Featuring an adaptive inner and outer clip design for secure, accurate rail contact, while the BarBed allows for pitch adjustment to level front and rear crossbars. Crossbar fits: JetStream, CoreBar, RoundBar (with adapter); Tower material: Stainless steel, glass reinforced plastic, elastomer padding; Lockable to vehicle (SKS locks sold separately); Maximum load rating to 220 lbs., depending on vehicle and bar rating; Risk-free torque set installation. Tool included; $199 (4 towers).

The new family of custom shaped clips and pads work with RidgeLine Towers to fit the unique inner and outer wall profiles of factory flush rails. Powder-coated stainless steel provides maximum strength and durability; Sold in sets of 4; one kit required to completely set up the system; $96 (set of 4).

The SkyLine Tower is for fixed points, custom installations and tracks. Built to be rugged and dependable, it is touted as being easy to use and combines with the Yakima LandingPad to create a variety of custom base rack applications. Fits all styles of LandingPad, both removable and permanent; Maximum load rating of 220 lb., depending on vehicle and bar rating; Lockable to vehicle (SKS locks sold separately); Tower material: Die-cast aluminum, stainless steel, glass-reinforced plastic, elastomer padding; Compatible bars: JetStream, CoreBar, RoundBar (with adapter); Risk-free torque set installation. Tool included; $199.

Proven to be one of the most seamless platforms on the market, the LandingPad secures SkyLine Towers to the vehicle. They feature dedicated vehicle fits for key outdoor-centric models such as the Honda Element and Subaru Outback, while also allowing custom applications to fit to any vehicle, including those with camper shells or truck caps. Materials: Glass-reinforced plastic, elastomer padding; $48 (2-pack), $96 (4-pack); Available Now.

This versatile TimberLine Tower creates a base rack system for vehicles with factory raised side rails. The over-molded stainless steel strap accommodates a variety of raised rail profiles and sizes, providing excellent roof clearance for a full range of gear mounts. Crossbar fits: JetStream, CoreBar, RoundBar (with adapter); Lockable to vehicle (SKS locks sold separately); Maximum load rating to 220 lbs., depending on vehicle and bar rating; Risk-free torque set installation. Tool included; $199 (4 towers).

Cargo Boxes

Yakima is expanding its line of cargo boxes with a new, premium ShowCase line. Available in two sizes, 15 and 20, ShowCase offers a balance of aerodynamics, modern styling and super handy features. Yakima drew on its experience and success of the SkyBox series when designing key traits. All interaction points – from the new oversized push button latch to installation hardware that’s easier and more ergonomic than ever – were created to ensure a seamless, high-end experience when installing, loading and unloading the ShowCase. New features were designed to propel the company’s goal of being more accessible, and to be recognized as a brand, not just a product.

Dual-sided opening and lid stiffeners remain a key part of the Yakima cargo story. Premium features include a unique new color and die-cut automotive quality badging. Futuristic form was designed to maximize both hatch and roof clearance. As a finishing touch, the ShowCase features two new colors: Anthracite and Quicksilver.

“Designed for modern adventurers and urbaneers, it beautifully compliments vehicles while maximizing carrying capacity,” said Cargo Category Manager Evan Hampton. “It’s got the proven bones of our popular SkyBox series, with savvy premium upgrades and features, such as unbeatable hatch clearance. And it’s a thing of beauty, with a flowing design influenced by the curvy, contoured lines of a luxury sports car.”

Shared Features: High gloss automotive quality finish; Automotive style badge; Internal lid stiffeners; Quick-release mounting hardware fits round, aero, square and factory cross bars; Excellent roof clearance featuring metal clamp with molded soft finish; Dual-sided opening; Forward-facing hardware and tapered tail end for the ultimate in hatch clearance; Easy to use push button security; Installation time: 5 minutes; Same Key System (SKS) locks included.

  • ShowCase 15: Cargo volume: 15 cubic feet, Ideal fit for smaller vehicles, Wagons and CUVs; Max ski length: 180 cm;
    • Exterior dimensions: 80” x 36” x 14.5”; Weight: 46 lbs.; Two colors available: Anthracite, QuickSilver; $679.
  • ShowCase 20: Cargo volume: 20 cubic feet; Ideal fit for larger vehicles, wagons and SUVs; Max ski length: 210 cm;
    • Exterior dimensions: 91” x 37” x 17”; Weight: 60 lbs.; Two colors available: Anthracite, QuickSilver; $779.

Best All Mountain Skis (<100 Underfoot)

From Powder Magazine

How many days a year do you actually need to be on a ski fatter than 100 millimeters underfoot? Five? These so-called skinny skis were perfectly wide for skiing powder 10 years ago. Do you really want to clomp around on those clankers when it’s dust on crust and we’re skiing a hot zipper lap? The best part about these skis is that most of them come with metal—you won’t find floppy Donkey Ball Rocker here—which means they’re going to make some actual turns, and make them fast. And fast is fun. These sticks are going to get you into trouble. And getting into trouble? Also fun.

—John Clary Davies
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Skier’s Choice Description

With the new Sagebrush as your transport of choice, get ready to shred like the ski’s inspiration—hot-dogger Bobbie Burns, who used pieces of sagebrush, believing the bush was indestructible, as part of his original The Ski. No scratchy plants in this Sagebrush, however, but it does feature an elliptical-shaped, sandwich-laminate wood construction that runs the length of the ski. This lightens the load while maintaining torsional stiffness. With 320 millimeters of tip rocker and 1940 grams of weight per ski (in the 178), this snappy shredstick made my top five skis of Powder Week. It rails on piste, skis proficiently in bumps and packed powder, and is meant for the groomers of your dreams, aka Sun Valley’s Upper College to Warm Springs.



Pro-Tip Rocker, 3Dimension Sidecut, Full Ski-Length Wood Core, Elliptic Core

Manufacturer’s Description

New For 2015-16, Scott proudly introduces the Sagebrush. Inspired by its siblings in the Sun Valley collection, The Ski and Black Majic, Sagebrush offers the same innovative technology, but on a wider platform. At 100-millimeters underfoot, the Sagebrush can handle any condition any day of the week.

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scott-punisher95-ski-2016-204x600Punisher 95skiers-choice-logo-sm

Skier’s Choice Description

The Punisher 95 is incredibly quick edge to edge. With a 3D sidecut and 12-meter radius, these bad boys slashed everything with ease. Not only did it make those quick corners, it was very playful. I found myself loading the tails and popping off anything I could find. With a full wood core and sandwich sidewall construction, the Punisher is a bomber ski for those looking for a solid ride in variable to hardpack conditions, with plenty of park laps to boot. They were proven worthy in the steep tree stashes, which got ripped up during Powder Week.



Twin-Tip Rocker, 3Dimension Sidecut, Full Ski-Length Wood Core

Manufacturer’s Description

New for 2015-16, the Scott Punisher 95 delivers the proven performance of the Punisher 110 on a narrower platform. A progressive, all-mountain ski, the Punisher 95 features twin-tip rocker technology that brings the award-winning punisher series to the front-side setting.

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SCOTT Goggles – How They are Made

Regardless of whether you’re into biking, skiing, or motosports, SCOTT goggles will amplify your ride mile after mile. Here is how they are made.

We want our commitment to INNOVATION to result in more than just good products, we want it to change the way athletes perform. There is no doubt that VISION is a key paramount to performance, that’s why for over 45 years, we have continued to drive our eyewear category forward. As a result, our HERITAGE is more than a history, it’s a compass that guides our business, design, products and culture for the future.

From design to assembly- Our “Vision for the Future” campaign explains the entire process of how a SCOTT Goggle is made:



We strive to DESIGN with faith in our instincts, confidence in our techniques and a desire to create breakthrough products that enhance the sport experience. The importance we place on TECHNOLOGY is more than just using the latest materials, it’s about understanding what’s possible and applying it to the future.


764c0410-d75c-4f43-8788-aee171e3a064LENSES PRODUCTION

SCOTT Precision Optics is a quality label which stands for premium materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. This unique combination enables us to offer distortion free, UV protected, high performance lenses of the best quality. It delivers outstanding quality of vision, as well as vital safety.

8bc677e9-3687-4116-a03b-aa947f6ae2a1FRAME PRODUCTION

In order to guarantee the definitive quality and comfort of our goggles, our frame production is based in two goggles factories, one in Austria and one in the USA. They are the key manufactures that both manage the frame production and the final assembly.


Last but not least, the strap. Besides being important aesthetically, it requires the same durability as the lens and frame while providing stability around your head.

Learn more about the SCOTT Vision for the Future

Yakima Launches All-New Aerodynamic Roof Rack System for Spring 2016


Yakima Products, Inc., the innovation leader in vehicle racks and cargo solutions, is raising the bar in 2016 with a number of key product launches. At the core is the StreamLine System, a new, aerodynamic and totally integrated roof rack system, which was introduced to the cycling market at Interbike this September.

“The StreamLine System is the culmination of 36 years of Yakima innovation. Like its predecessors, it has revolutionized the roof rack category,” said Garrett Barnum, Top of Car Category Director. “StreamLine offers a complete solution for a wide variety of budgets, vehicles and uses. It is the epitome of Yakima’s commitment to making our products easy, from purchasing to installation and use.”

Designed and developed as a complete system to fit multiple vehicle types, the StreamLine System creates a cohesive look and maximizes shared parts and product architecture. Overall, the StreamLine System reduces the number of SKUs that a retailer needs to stock by 50 percent, simplifying the process for both the retailer and consumer.

Groundbreaking design runs throughout the StreamLine System – from the first steel aerodynamic CoreBar with its unprecedented weight capacity, to the new BaseLine Tower, which can adjust and attach to almost any vehicle’s roofline.

At the center of the StreamLine System are three distinct styles of crossbars. Each are completely interchangeable with the StreamLine System towers to maximize vehicle styling and cargo capacity for any lifestyle. They offer a variety of materials, shapes and price-points so users can customize their systems.

  • CoreBar. The first steel aerodynamic crossbar on the market, the CoreBar combines the strength and utility of steel with the unique teardrop shape that minimizes wind noise and maximizes fuel efficiency. It is available in four sizes – up to 20” longer than other aero bars on the market.
  • JetStream. The JetStream is a premium alloy crossbar, engineered with a T-slot attachment and a wind tunnel-designed aerodynamic bar shape for exceptional noise reduction. Its SmartFill™ technology makes switching out accessories a breeze, and the two premium color options (black and silver) enhance the look of the vehicle.
  • RoundBar. This iconic steel crossbar is tried and true, with more than 35 years of real-world testing. Its proven vinyl-wrapped steel construction provides years of trouble-free travel. Available in five lengths to fit any vehicle.


Other New Products for Spring 2016

Also new for Spring 2016 are two bike strap racks, the FullBack and HalfBack, a new spare tire rack, the SpareRide, and the new LiteRider, one of the lightest hitch racks on the market. 2016 will also see updates to current hitch products, including an extended tongue on the best-selling HoldUp, and new features on popular models like the SwingDaddy and RidgeBack.

Yakima is also revising its line of cargo boxes with the introduction of the new, premium ShowCase line. Available in two sizes, the ShowCase offers the perfect balance of aerodynamic design, modern styling and robust features to create the ultimate cargo box. It will replace the SkyBox Pro series, simplifying the line from 10 product variations down to only four. In total, Yakima will release more than 35 new and updated products in 2016.

About Yakima

Yakima Products, Inc. is a world leader in vehicle racks and cargo solutions for a variety of consumers, from outdoor enthusiasts to car aficionados. The portfolios of brands include: Yakima, Whispbar and Prorack. Each of the individual brands offer a variety of cargo management products including racks for bikes, boats, ski equipment and other gear, cargo boxes and bags and high performance multi-sport trailers. Yakima Products, Inc. is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. For more information, visit

CamelBak K.U.D.U. 12 Review


Below is a review from

We go through a lot of backpacks riding bikes. They always get destroyed from the mud, bushes or crashes or just get kind of gross after a while with all of the use, especially during winter time when they are subject to a lot of wet conditions. The KTM powerwear Ogio pack is great and has been our go-to pack for a few years now. I think we are on our third version of it already. Anyway, we were asked if we would like to try the new camelback K.U.D.U.™ 12 enduro pack and since it comes with an integrated back protector we were happy to give it a try.

Overall, if you are after a backpack/hydration pack, with an integrated back protector, this one does the trick!

It fits well and you don’t notice there is an impact protector integrated. On our enduro bikes we usually wear a back protector when riding anyway, but a little extra protection can’t hurt, and when riding the bicycle we don’t wear any protection unless we hit the bike park, so it’s welcome for sure. Size is big enough to fit some knee pads, snacks, wallet, extra clothing layers and other stuff you may or may not need and of course it has a water bladder for long rides.


It has 3 straps which hold it extra solid when riding, and is a well designed and put together product. Here is the official info:

“A narrow-gauge lightweight enduro pack with integrated back protection, 12 liters of cargo and armor carry. This pack is built for the enduro racer looking for a lightweight combination of protection and cargo. The flexible back protector panel absorbs over 94% of impact in a crash and is designed to handle multiple blows. The Impact Protector™ is made of flexible, lightweight foam that moves with your body, so you’ll get the protection you need without feeling like a tank. And the wider waist belt and dual sternum straps keep the pack positioned securely. With 3 liters of hydration and room for stowing body armor and a full face helmet, the KUDU can go the distance between far-flung stages in an enduro race. If the weather turns, an integrated rain cover pops up to shield your gear, and there’s a secure half-shell helmet carry for aggressive descents while wearing your full face. We’ve also added a bike tool organizer roll that fits into a cargo space, so you can easily grab your tools and get to work.”

Overall, if you are after a backpack/hydration pack, with an integrated back protector, this one does the trick! We are certain it won’t be our last backpack, but we have no complaints about it at all and hope it lasts us a while.

camelback-KUDU-review-13 camelback-KUDU-review-14 camelback-KUDU-review-12 camelback-KUDU-review-01


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