GoPro: On the Ice with the NHL


The National Hockey League (NHL) and the NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA) are happy to announce a North American partnership with GoPro.

Step on the ice with a few of the NHL’s best as they give you a rare glimpse into their unique skill sets during the Player Media Tour in Newark, NJ.

See the game from the perspectives of Patrice Bergeron, Sidney Crosby, Taylor Hall, Patrick Kane, Henrik Lundqvist, TJ Oshie, Alex Ovechkin, Zach Parise, Tuukka Rask, Tyler Seguin, PK Subban and Jonathan Toews.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® and HERO4® cameras.

Why You Should Never Buy Disposable Water Bottles Again

Join Greatist and CamelBak in the effort to ‪#‎ditchdisposable‬!

We’ve all been there: You’ve just finished a heavy-duty sweat session at the gym, you’re thirsty, and the water fountain looks like it’s covered in eight million people’s saliva, plus a little bit of mold. The easiest solution? Ducking out to buy a bottle of water from the first drug store you can find.

It seems innocent enough—we’ve all gotta hydrate, right? But unfortunately, bottled water is wreaking havoc on the Earth’s precious resources. Plus, it’s almost definitely not any safer or cleaner than tap water—and in fact, sometimes it’s worse.

If you’ve been wondering about the consequences of a bottled water habit (whether it’s personal, national, or global), then look no further. This handy-dandy infographic outlines the stark consequences—environmental, physical, and economic—of guzzling the bottled stuff. Ready to quit it? Then check out our action tips at the bottom.


GoPro Adventures as Wonder Woman – Julia Mancuso


Video of the Day!

Julia Mancuso reveals her true identity.

We always knew she was a super hero!



GoPro Video of the Day: What is Rowing?


Video of the Day!

What is Rowing?

Abigail Whitnall says, “Rowing is a sport of passion, pure grit and dedication. To be in that perfect boat you get a sense of accomplishment and thrill.”

Shot on the HERO3+® camera.

GoPro: The Whipcracker


Ring in the new year with a crack!

Adam Winrich became fascinated with whips after seeing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he was a child. Since then he’s taken his passions for whips to the extreme, earning nine Guinness World Records and becoming a leader in the world of whipcracking.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera.

Outdoor Gift Guide- CamelBak Rim Runner

From The Salt Lake Tribune

Searching for ideas for the outdoorsy folks on your Christmas list?


Rim Runner 22 pack from CamelBak

I used to just hike with a small hydration pack and stuff energy bars, sunscreen and whatever else I needed in my pockets. Then my wife and I received the Rim Runner as a wedding present. It’s been great. It can hold up to 100 ounces (3 liters) of water and still have room to hold anything else you would need on a hike lasting more than a couple hours. $100

GSI Outdoors: Commuter Java Mug



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