GoPro: Furious 7 – Behind the Scenes


Let Furious 7 take you behind the scenes of their newest film, to show you how the crew and the aerial camera flyers drop multiple cars from a C130 Airplane… and capture the shot.

Shot 100% on the HERO® cameras

CamelBak H.A.W.G. NV


The H.A.W.G. NV is by far our largest mountain bike pack — after all, its initials stand for “Holds Alotta Water and Gear.” This pack definitely lives up to its name, with ample cargo capacity and 3 liters of hydration for all-day, all-weather rides. The redesigned version features a magnetic tube trap that lets your stow your drinking tube in one easy click.

CamelBak KUDU 12


ENDURO Mountain Bike Magazine -

Design & Innovation Award | CamelBak K.U.D.U 12


Jury Verdict

The K.U.D.U 12 is the new back-protector rucksack from Camelbak and aims to achieve the best compromise of protection and wearing comfort. To do this, the high quality pack is fitted with a lightweight protective insert which conforms to the demanding Level 2 Norm (CE1621-2) standard for back protectors. In order to get the weight as close as possible to the rider the K.U.D.U has a flat construction, and the 12 litre volume ensures enough load capacity. The concept really works: the new Camelbak sits perfectly, is comfortable to wear, and thanks to the deep hip belt it always stays in position. Proven features such as the functional rain cover and the 3-liter reservoir complement the package and make the K.U.D.U a well-executed pack for both races and all-round riding.


CamelBak Antidote Reservoir Superiority


Learn why the CamelBak® Antidote® Reservoir stands second to none.


Scott Sports Demo Season

While the snow may not be the deepest, the season of on snow demos is upon us. Stop by Snow Basin today or Mt Bachelor next week to see the latest and greatest from Scott. Try on a pair of the Cosmos II or make some turns on The Ski.


Stop by next week in Bend to watch some GoPro footage on our big-screen and pickup some new samples of Granger’s waterproofing.



GoPro Shotgun Balloon Drop


Ever thought about strapping a lawn chair to some weather balloons putting on a parachute and going for a ride with your trusty 12 gauge?

Well GoPro Athlete Erik Roner didn’t just think about it.

He did it!


Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera

GoPro Field Guide: HERO4 Camera Software Update


In this episode of the GoPro Field Guide, Chris Davenport teaches you about the new software update for HERO4 cameras. This update delivers a variety of powerful new features and performance improvements, including Time Lapse Video, 720p240 Video, 2.7K60 fps, and 30/6 Burst Photos.

Go to for more information!

Feature Breakdown:

Time Lapse Video: Capture Time Lapse videos automatically—no post-production needed. Showcase a sunrise, road trip or family gathering as a short, sharable video.

720p240 fps Video: Record ultra high frame rate video at a staggering 240 frames per second for liquid smooth slow-motion playback.

2.7K60 fps Video: Capture cinematic, high-resolution 2.7K footage at an impressive 60 frames per second.

30/6 Burst Photo: Introducing a new way to never miss a moment. Capture 30 photos in 6 seconds—perfect for longer-duration fast-action activities like surfing and snowboarding.

Auto Rotate: Automatically adjusts capture orientation to right-side up when the camera is mounted upside down.

Add HiLight Tags During Playback: Now you can mark key moments both while recording video and playing back content on the built-in touch display to quickly find highlights for easy editing and sharing.

As always, happy capturing!

You might see examples of extreme use in this video. Please take appropriate precautions to ensure your own safety, the safety of those around you, and to protect your GoPro camera.


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