GoPro Field Guide: Confused about video modes?

Confused about video modes? GoPro athlete Lakey Peterson gives us a HERO4 video mode breakdown in this episode.

GoPro: Videos to Watch

Cruise through the trees with Andreas Wirnstl, Marco Dallago, and Luca Dallago as they rip through the forest in Graz, Austria.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® and HERO2® camera


It’s easy to see how Jamie O’Brien became known as one of surfing’s most entertaining figures. He’s a barrel-riding master, movie producer, prankster and all-around game changer. Not to mention the star of a successful web series now in it’s fourth season, Who Is JOB 5.0. Determined to make the latest installment of the original series his wildest one yet, JOB turns up the heat – literally – by surfing on fire at one of the most dangerous waves in the world. Head over to Red Bull TV to watch the exclusive behind-the-scenes video and see just how Jamie and crew pulled off this amazing stunt.

100% on the HERO4® camera


Professional Beach Volleyball player and Silver medalist, April Ross, shows us the importance of teamwork and dedication in order to become one of the top players in the world.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera

Best in Show 2015 Outdoor Retailer: CamelBak Recon Series

From Austin Parker at Motus

To say that Outdoor Retailer is overwhelming would be an understatement. Twice a year, thousands of manufacturers from around the globe come together in Salt Lake City to showcase and debut new gear and product line updates. While we have already shared with you our Outdoor Retailer 2015 New Gear Preview, we wanted to recognize what we thought were the “Best in Show” from this year’s event. Below, in no specific order, are items that we thought stood out from the crowd.


Camelbak Recon Series
The Recon series is Camelbak’s answer for light duty EDC and travel. Everything about the Coronado and Quantico are designed to keep all your essential gear organized. From padded laptop and tablet pouches to integrated electronics organization and low profile water bottle holders (these two are the very first Camelbak products that are not designed around a bladder), the Recon packs are low-key gear haulers. If they would have let me, I’d have carried one around the show floor all week.


Drink Safely With The CamelBak All Clear

From Industry Outsider by Brian



It’s possible that the All Clear is the most unique product offered by CamelBak. Does any other water bottle have a USB port, battery, and LCD display? Or a UV lamp built into the lid? Yeah, it’s unique. We know CamelBak for their hydration packs and water bottles, but the All Clear is made to help you stay hydrated when the available water may need a little extra help before you take that first sip.


The All Clear is a portable, microbiological UV water purifier. Sure, you could buy drops or tablets, and treat your water that way. Or you can buy a little wand to wave around in your water, and use that. Those will work just fine, and we’re not knocking them. But if you don’t want to work out how many drops or tablets you need to carry for a trip, and you don’t want to have to look for a bottle to wave your wand in, then turn to one of the most trusted brands in hydration, and their innovative All Clear.


CamelBak started with their 25 ounce (.75 liter) Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester bottle, which is the same bottle used in their Eddy and Chute. It’s BPA-free, tough, and dishwasher safe. They top it off with a lid that has a UV lamp, USB mini port for charging, LCD display, rechargeable battery, and a loop for clipping it to your pack or belt. Tap the top button twice, and a 60 second timer counts down. During that time, agitate the water. When the timer is done, it displays “UV” to let you know the water is safe to drink. Wipe the lid around the thread, and you are set. In case you have a bit of trouble with these simple instructions, CamelBak even printed them on the side of the bottle. One full charge will allow you to treat up to 16 gallons of water, which is 80 cycles between charges. Each All Clear ships with a regular lid for transport, a USB cable, and soft pouch for the UV lamp lid.

allclear1This is a great product, whether you are hiking and camping, or an aid worker in a foreign country. We used it on a recent trip out of the lower 48, where we were unsure of the local water at times. There is no way to know if the water would have harmed us, we only know it didn’t, thanks to the All Clear. The UV lamp in the All Clear will neutralize microorganisms to EPA standards, making it safe to drink. Many people think the process kills the little microbiological contaminants in water, but does not. Most of the time, the “bug” you get from drinking unsafe water is the result of all those microbes rapidly reproducing, and wreaking havoc on your insides. The UV lamp disrupts their DNA so that they can not reproduce, which renders them mostly harmless. No party for them. There’s your trivia for the day. If you want an All Clear for travel, your emergency kit, or just so you can sample running water while outdoors, you can get one from CamelBak for only $99. I would also suggest you check with your favorite local retailer, as it’s best to support them when you can.



Review: CamelBak Volt LR Hydration Pack

The following is a review from Iwan Kemp at The Hub sa.

CamelBak’s Charge was one of the manufacturers most popular bike packs when first introduced. It featured a unique low mounted reservoir, which centered the water weight over a rider’s hips. The Charge was adapted from CamelBak’s adventure/trekking line to include bike features, but was fairly compact with a 2L reservoir and 8L cargo space. Its popularity prompted CamelBak to design the Volt LR, which adds both extra cargo and water capacity making it all-day friendly.


I have been looking to get a bigger hydration pack in order to comfortably carry more gear on rides and at the same time have enough water for longer rides. When out reviewing a bike I usually take a shock pump, a GoPro with different mounts, adapters, spare batteries and fittings, and a camera to take some pics. All of this over and above the usual multi-tool, car keys, and something to snack on. My current CamelBak Charge LR was getting a bit small for “review” rides, but I’ve really grown to love the lumbar mounted reservoir. I looked around at what’s currently available and decided to get a Volt LR. It adds some much needed cargo space and an extra liter of water, but keeps the lumbar reservoir and all the practicality and durability we’ve come to expect from CamelBak.


The 3L lumbar reservoir is designed to place water weight low on your hips, thereby taking the load off your shoulders and upper back. By placing it lower, the water is more stable and doesn’t throw you off balance as you race down the trail. The 3L reservoir is taller and less triangular than before, but a central baffle still keeps the contents from sloshing around.

To further stabilize the reservoir, CambelBak has added compression straps. All you have to do is pull the contrast colored webbing that is tunneled behind the waist belt pocket to compress the reservoir and keep it tight and secure. To loosen it, lift up on the tension lock and fine tune to your liking. In addition, the bladder’s lid has a hard plastic extension that hooks into a special pocket that adds extra security.


Looking at the Volt LR with all it’s built-in features, I cannot help but think it’s a design study in finding solutions to issues mountain bikers have. The lumbar reservoir is a genuine plus out on the trail and a heavily loaded backpack has never felt this comfortable and secure, allowing the rider to get on with riding.

With it’s sorted design, years of experience designing class leading hydration packs, extreme comfort on the trails all backed up by CamelBak’s Got Your Bak Guarantee the Volt LR is hard to beat.


For the rest of the review check it out HERE.


GoPro: Le Tour de France

Relive the legendary Le Tour de France with the best of Stages 15-21!

Check out all the exclusive GoPro content from the tour:

Join the peloton for the final stages of the 2015 Tour de France! Check out all the action from stages 15-21 and be sure to follow up on all the stages from this year’s tour on the GoPro of the World YouTube channel!

Shot 100% on the HERO4® Black and Session cameras.

CamelBak Ultra 10

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.52.45 PM

CamelBak’s most technical running pack, the Ultra™ 10 was designed to endure one of the toughest trail races on earth: the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. If it works on Mont Blanc, it can handle just about anything.


Our most technical running pack, the Ultra™ 10 was designed to endure one of the toughest trail races on earth: the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. The 103-mile course has a total elevation gain of over 30,000 feet—and a mandatory packing list.

We engineered this pack to carry every item on the UTMB gear list: a 2 liter reservoir, room for food and extra layers, a sweat-proof pocket for your smartphone and two chest pockets for additional water bottles. If it works on Mont Blanc, it can handle just about anything.

Refilling on the run? We’ve added color-coded straps so you’ll instantly know how to access your water supply, and an external-fill design that lets you refill without unpacking the bag. On hot days, fill the reservoir with ice water—the mesh back panel lets it sit against your back to cool your core.

We’ve also included overflow storage, trekking pole attachments and plenty of lash points, just in case you want to bring something we didn’t think of. The custom-fit harness and dual sternum straps adjust for a close, comfortable fit, and the cargo compression lets you cinch everything down to minimize bulk.



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